* indicates a WIP. Italics mean the author is a god of writing and you should check out everything they’ve done. Bold means a personal favorite. Check out all author’s warnings before reading. Enjoy!


  • *Sweet! A Love Story Told in Sugar by OhQuixotica, with glitterwocky: Future AU in which Kurt and Blaine did not meet in high school. Kurt is a pastry chef who runs his own little West Village bakery called BUTTERLUSH. Blaine is an accountant who stumbles—literally—upon the sweetest thing ever. (I was skeptical, but this is brilliantly written, i love it. its only like 6 chapters in, but it’s updating weekly).
  • Crush by litanyofdream: AU. Blaine Anderson is 20 years old with two years of college out of the way and a few thousand dollars saved up. He heads to the nearest station and takes the first train to New York with no intention of looking back.But then he meets the mysterious Kurt Hummel, a boy that he knows nothing about except that they’re both trying to make it to the same city. Blaine wants to figure him out, but at what cost? Is he willing to suspend his own fears and insecurities for a perfect stranger? (This is short, but really lovely)
  • My Heart Can Never Be Still by Fleudelisee: Blaine gets admitted into a religious institution meant to cure young men from their homosexuality. There he meets Kurt, who’s been there for months and whose assimilation has been going swimmingly – until he meets Blaine. (READ)
  • Walk, Don’t Run by Impromptu Coffee: Blaine’s running too fast, looking everywhere, until someone tells him that maybe the owner of the name written on his skin is supposed to find him instead. (I just really love soulmate fics.)
  • *I’m Gonna Give All My Secrets Away by loveanchocolate: Blaine is a senior in high school, on the football team, gay, and tired of keeping all these secrets. When he can’t take it anymore, he starts writing love letters to Kurt, an openly gay student and his best friends step-brother.
  • For You by MoWa: He’d always been quietly terrified of the day Blaine would fall in love. (THIS is so good. i love the cooper and i love kurt and i just love this. it’s so pretty.)
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